Post-Natal Yoga Recovery, Baby Massage & Dolphins

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21-28 June  2014


 ‘Post-natal body recovery with Yoga

Baby Massage & Dolphins Retreat’

with Lynn Murphy


From London Active BirthTM Center

 Active BirthTM, Pre & Post Natal Yoga & Baby Massage Specialist

Join us for a lifetime experience   




Retreat Overview :



The retreat is a unique one week holiday combining :            

  • One week Boutique-Hotel accommodation on the edge of Harbour Island’s famous pink sands beach, with half board healthy fine cuisine.
  • Post Natal Body receovery with Yoga and Baby Massage workshop & activities, held in the mornings at your Boutique-Hotel.
  • Private boat excursions for intimate reef snorkeling & wild dolphins’ encounters every other afternoon.
  • An optional ‘Serenity Bliss Ritual’, one week body care package. 

Th retreats are packaged and sold by 'Blue World', our partnering Travel Agency.









Post-Natal Body recovery with Yoga & baby Massage

 With Lynn Murphy


This wonderfully supportive and nurturing retreat will over the course of the week help you to discover how to truly enjoy these early months of your new baby’s life.  A good time to join this course would be from approximately two to six months after the birth. 



Benefits of this retreat:                                                   

Included in the retreat sessions:

  • Massage to help reassure & calm your baby

  • Learning how to use massage developmentally as your baby grows

  • Discovering ways of encouraging ‘Tummy time’ for baby and you!

  • Yoga to release, relax and restore to aid your recovery after the birth

  • Exercises to strengthen your core muscles for long-term well being

  • Building strength in your postnatal body

  • Sharing your experiences of parenting with others

  • Growing to understand your baby’s needs

  • Developing realistic expectations for you and your baby




The art of Baby Massage for parents


The first morning session will be open, for both parents, to come and discover the art of massage to help you to build your confidence and trust in handling your baby. You will enhance your baby's health and wellbeing and be able to relieve common ailments such as colic and restlessness and encourage deeper sleep. In the massage sessions we will look at the changing techniques needed as your baby grows. These are skills that many parents go on to use daily as they hold, soothe and massage their baby.


Gentle Post Natal Yoga:

Then there is yoga to release, relax and restore your postnatal body. You have the option to keep your baby close by while you practice yoga or your partner may take baby for a walk in the fresh air, in a sling would be perfect, as after massage babies are often ready for a sleep! For babies staying for the yoga we will practice very much with and around them as needed, so that yoga can become an invaluable tool that you can use in your daily life as a mother.

Yoga is a wonderful way to look after you in the months after birth. It brings a sense of wellbeing and equilibrium, alleviates tiredness and aches and pains, maintains good posture and reminds you to relax. It is perfectly natural, as a new mother, to devote most of your time and energy to caring for your new baby and this can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed at times. Yoga will aim to regenerate your flagging energy and provide time for you to nurture yourself. Special attention is paid to re-toning the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor and you will practice specific exercises to strengthen the lower back and release accumulated tension in the shoulders from so much holding and nursing your baby.

It takes approximately six months for your body to fully recover from pregnancy and childbirth. During this time you need to be careful how you exercise. Lynn has designed these sessions specifically for your postnatal body, to help it regain strength and tone in a safe and effective way. 



Sharing with other mothers & couples:


After yoga, your partner can join you and your baby, over the week discussions will include many of the concerns of new parents; looking at what is normal behavior for young babies, why they may suffer from tummy issues, why they need to feed often and wake during the night. What are realistic expectations for our babies? Lynn’s aim is to help you fully appreciate and enjoy this time so your transformation from a couple into a family can truly blossom!



Testimonials :

"This course has really stimulated my interest in yoga and in continuing with the massage which my baby loves. I found Lynn soothing, understanding and knowledgeable"

" I really looked forward to the classes they made a real difference to my experience of becoming a mother and helped my experience of having a new baby even more fulfilling. Yesterday, despite arriving with probably the lowest energy levels I have felt for some time, by the evening, and thanks to the class, I was feeling very refreshed. I never anticipated how much I would enjoy and benefit from the sessions. "

"This course was the best thing I did once my baby was born. Each session you showed us new and different ways to interact, calm, and comfort our babies. Amit loves his daily massage, and I know it makes the bond between us stronger. Thank you also for the discussions on a number of relative issues, I found them invaluable. I would tell every new mum to come to your class, it has been fantastic.” Lynn & Post Natal Support.

“My baby was so relaxed, he slept for six hours after the class. I am massaging him at home now every day and he loves it.”

“Since the session we are both much more confident in handling our son, and a little more relaxed when he is distressed – Thank you”



Lynn & Post Natal Support:

Lynn Murphy is well known for her inspiring pregnancy yoga, as well as her postnatal baby & me classes, courses and workshops for new parents, that she has developed over the last 17 years. She co-manages, with Janet Balaskas, the Active Birth Centre in London and is a tutor on the Active Birth teacher-training course. She is developing a new “baby & me” training to join the developing ABC Professional trainings later in the year.  Lynn also enjoys her work with women and their families on a 1-2-1 basis.









Harbour Island, Bahamas, An Exclusive Tropical Paradise







- Blessed with a perfect location, starting just 50 miles off the coast of Florida, and with a year-round warm climate averaging a little over 75 degrees, the Bahamas are an idyllic sub-tropical gateway.


-  Rated as one of the ‘Best Bahamas beaches’ by Frommers and the Travel Channel, Harbour Island is famous for its 3.5 miles of hard-packed picture-perfect pink sand beaches,with its outlaying reefs providing safe snorkeling & swimming.


-  Away from mass tourism, Harbour Island is an exclusive intimate location, comprising of private villas & small elegant boutique-hotels, with a plentiful choice of high quality international & local restaurants, marinas & watersports activity.


-  The little joyful town of Dunmore is a jewel of beauty and conviviality with its pastel colored houses, lush palm trees, flower-lined streets & friendly inhabitants.You will enjoy wandering around the island & the town on foot or on a golf cart.


-  Finally, Harbour Island is blessed by the presence of wild dolphins in its environs, they are often coming close to shore & that remain, as of today, one of the island’s best kept secret.









A beautiful beach side ‘Boutique-Hotel’:


Pink Sands, the iconic luxury resort on exclusive Harbour Island, has long been known as a celebrity hideaway and honeymoon haven. This is a 20-acre Boutique Hotel set by the edge of the famous three-mile pink sands beach. Designed by Biba founder Barbara Hulanicki - Pink Sands comprises 25 pastel-colored cottages scattered throughout lush tropical grounds. For those desiring a sophisticated but relaxed beach holiday... Pink Sands Resort is the ideal Harbour Island getaway.


Complimentary Facilities & Services:                                     
  • Chaise lounges and towels at pool & beach

  • Free use kayaks and snorkel equipment

  • Free use of tennis courts and exercise studio

  • Free wifi          

Your Garden View Room:


  • California King Beds       

  • Central air-conditioning & Ceiling fan

  • Large closet

  • Mini Bar            

  • Private patio with teak furniture

  • Nightly turn-down service               

  • Cable TV with DVD player

  • Bose iPod docking station, with complimentary use of iPod loaded with Pink Sand's music library

  • Tassimo pod coffee maker

  • Full bathroom with luxury in-room products, hairdryers and bathrobe

  • Wireless Internet Access 

  • Duvets, bathrobes and accessories by Anichini LuxuryLinens





The Dolphins'encounters



You will enjoy a 2-hour Private Boat excursion every other day (3 in total) within the lagoon.

You will discover the local colorful coral reef spots, home of colorful fishes, turtles, rays & of the giant red sea stars as well as the other surrounding beautiful deserted islands’ beaches.

And when we encounter the island’s wild dolphins, you can enjoy a very intimate snorkel with them.

You will be guided so as to both enter int a respectful encounter so as for dolphins to feel secure & confident and for you to get the best of such a rare & moving experience.


Dolphins are wild & therefore can not guaranteed. Nevertheless as they reside around the island, your chances of swimming with them are great. All snorkeling gear and life jackets are provided on the boat.

The boat remains within the protected lagoon which offers both calm & crystalline turquoise waters for optimum comfort & visibility.







A Serenity Bliss

The ‘Serenity Bliss’ optional package offers you to benefit from a daily body relaxtion & care session every days for 6 days. The body care sessions are held by certified professionals and the sessions can take place as you wish,  either in your hotel room or on the each. 


The weekly package is composed of :

-     One ‘1-hour full body massage’ on the day of your arrival so to release all tensions and any transport tiredness for a smooth & delightful holiday start.


-     And 5 additional ‘40-minutes relaxation & treatment-massage sessions,’ one per day over 5 days, composed of a 10 minutes Relaxation & breathing session to unite & calm your ‘body & mind’, followed by a 30 minutes massage or treatment of your choice among the following :



For Ladies:

  • Body Scrub (best early in the week)
  • Leg specific Swedish massage, stimulating a healthy circulation & easing the release of excess water in tissues
  • Back Deep Tissue massage to release tensions
  • Chest, Shoulders arms neck & head massage for better breathing & mental calmness
  • Foot massage for an entire body energy rebalancing
  • Deluxe Facial                         
  • Tummy gentle re-stimulation of deep muscles, chest Shoulders & arms Deep tissue tension release massage (ideal for Post Natal)

For Men :

  • Body scrub (best early in the week)
  • Back Deep Tissue massage to release tensions
  • Leg Swedish massage, stimulating a healthy circulation    
  • Tummy chest Shoulders & arms Deep tissue massage
  • Neck and head massage
  • Foot massage for an entire body energy rebalancing                                     
  • Deluxe Facial                                                                                                                                                                                             









The Weekly Program

Saturday :

Welcome & transfer upon your arrival on Harbour Island to your Hotel,

žInstallation at the Hotel,

žIf you chose the ‘Serenity Bliss Ritual’ package, a first full body 1-hour massage will be

scheduled on that day for a delightful holiday start.

Sunday :

žContinental breakfast at the Hotel

žYour 2 to 3 hours Post- Natal Workshop & activities at the Hotel.

žLunch at the Hotel

žAfternoon: A 2-hour private boat snorkeling & dolphins excursion

'Serenity Bliss Ritual’ body care session (if option was chosen)

Monday :

Continental breakfast at the Hotel.

žYour 2 to 3 hours  Post- Natal Workshop & activities at the Hotel

žLunch at the Hotel

žThe afternoon is free so can relax & enjoy the beach & the island, and have dinner

at the place of your choice.

žThe ‘Serenity Bliss Ritual’ body care session (if you chose this option)

Tuesday :

žContinental breakfast at the Hotel.

žYour 2 to 3 hours  Post- Natal Workshop & activities at the Hotel.

žLunch at the Hotel.

žAfternoon: A 2-hour private boat snorkeling & dolphins excursion.

ž‘Serenity Bliss Ritual’ body care session (if option was chosen)

Wednesday :

žContinental breakfast at the Hotel.

žYour 2 to 3 hours  Post- Natal Workshop & activities at the Hotel.

žLunch at the Hotel and then the afternoon is free.

ž'Serenity Bliss Ritual’ body care session (if option was chosen)

Thursday :

žContinental breakfast at the Hotel.

Your 2 to 3 hours  Post- Natal Workshop & activities at the Hotel.

Lunch at the Hotel.

Afternoon: A 2-hour private boat snorkeling & dolphins excursion.

‘Serenity Bliss Ritual’ body care session (if option was chosen)

Friday :

žThis your last full day of Holiday on the island, so the whole day is free

 for you to make the most if it, the way you feel like.

ž Continental breakfast & Lunch at the Hotel

Saturday :

žContinental breakfast at the Hotel.

Room check out late morning.

Lunch at the Hotel.

žWe transfer you back from the Hotel to the dock at the time needed according

to your flight schedule.


 Please note that the activities’ schedule is given as a general indication. It may be adjusted onsite based on the number

of participants, the weather, sea conditions & Dolphin’s presence within the bay as needed to maximize your wellbeing

& the dolphins’ encounters.









Prix et conditions du séjour :




Dates :


Votre séjour sur l’île d’Harbour Island est de 7 nuits et 7 jours, du samedi au samedi. Veuillez noter que ceci ne comprend pas la durée de votre voyage vers et depuis l’île, qui sont à ajouter pour obtenir la durée totale de vos vacances, in fine plutôt 8 à 9 jours.




Contenu de votre séjour :


Le séjour sur place de 7 nuits et 7 jours comprend :

  •  Transfert de l’aéroport de North Eleuthera à l’hôtel lors de votre arrivée le samedi
  • 7 nuits au Boutique-Hôtel (base chambre double partagée) du samedi soir au samedi matin suivant

  • 7 jours en demi-pension avec cuisine saine et raffinée au Boutique-Hôtel : petit-déjeuner continental et déjeuner avec boissons non-alcoolisées incluses, du dimanche au samedi

  •  Le programme de Préparation Prénatale choisi avec ses ateliers & activités (2 à 3 heures) en matinée, qui se déroulent à l’hôtel

  • Tous les deux jours, une excursion de deux heures sur un bateau privé au cœur du lagon et à la rencontre des dauphins sauvages (3 excursions privées au total). Le matériel (masques, tubas et palmes) et des gilets de sauvetage sont fournis sur le bateau.

  • Transferts de l’hôtel à la marina et retour assuré pour toutes les excursions en bateau

  • Transfert de l’hôtel jusqu’au dock de l’île le samedi, pour votre départ

  • La coordination complète du séjour par Valérie VALTON, fondatrice de Dolphinesse
  •  Un package vendue par une agence de voyage française, Blue World, avec toutes ses garanties financières.



L’offre du séjour ne comprend pas :

  • Le transport de votre pays d’origine à l’aéroport North Eleuthera.
  • Le transfert du dock de l’île à l’aéroport de North Eleuthera lors de votre départ (15 minutes – 10$ pp)
  • Assurance voyage
  • Un visa si nécessaire
  • Tous les dîners
  • Toutes les boissons non mentionnées comme incluses
  • Tous les transports non mentionnés comme inclus
  • Toutes les dépenses personnelles ou toute activité qui n’est pas mentionnée clairement comme incluse dans le séjour
  • Toutes les options


Package Prices

Adult Retreat Package (in a shared double room):                                                                                                               2800 € per person

  • Babies (under 2 years old - cribs & cots available):                                                                                                                                   Free
  • Children package (from 2 years old) - Additional cost per child in your                                                                                   820€ per child

         room for 7 nights, Breakfast & kid’s lunch included. Max 2 per room.



Suggested Options:


  • Serenity Bliss Ritual’ package’                                                                                                                                               540€ per person

(6 massages/treatment & relaxation sessions - 1 per day over 6 days)


  • Travel insurance : 
    • if participant is 12 years old & above                                                                                                                               54€ per person
    • if participant is < 12 years old                                                                                                                                         64€ per person

(Please see on the online reservation page the policy description)


  • Golf Cart rentals :

You can rent golf carts onsite. The best local prices are as follow as of January 2014

as an indication: classic 4-seaters Golf cart: 50$ per 24H or 300$/week.


  • Extensions :

Half board Hotel extension including the night, continental breakfast & set lunch with non-alcoholic beverages

-       Adult package extension in a shared double room, per night & per person                                                                                     210€

-       Child in your room, per child per night                                                                                                                                            98€


Simple Hotel Extension: Hotel night & continental breakfast

-       Price per night per room (1 or 2 person in the room)                                                                                                                      370€

-       Price per child per night                                                                                                                                                                   85€


Reservation :


  • Retreats reservation can be done online, via email or also via telephone with Blue World Travel Agency.


Terms & Conditions :


  • The retreat is open to everyone in a healthy physical & psychological condition.
  • Pregnant ladies are welcome except during the last 2 months before their due delivery date.
  • babies & children are also welcome.
  • A Travel Insurance is mandatory for all participants (either Blue world's one or any other of your choice)
  • Each retreats are confirmed with minimum of 9 participants. if not confirmed you may choose another one or get fully reimbursed.
  • Blue World – Blue Lagoon Travel Agency Bahamas full terms & conditions apply. They are available on Blue World online reservation website.







Contact us for :


- Any further information  
- VIP & custom demands


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