Conscious Conception, Pregnancy & Birth' Retreat with Dolphins encounters

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November 2014



 ‘Conscious Conception, Pregnancy & Birth Retreat wih Dolphins’

Elena Tonetti Limbic imprint recodingTM Method.


Founder Dates & facilitator to come soon 


Join us for a lifetime experience   




Retreat Overview :


The retreat is a unique one week holiday combining :            

  • One week Boutique-Hotel accommodation on the edge of Harbour Island’s famous pink sands beach, with half board healthy fine cuisine.
  • Your Maternity workshop held in the mornings at your Boutique-Hotel.
  • Private boat excursions for intimate reef snorkeling & wild dolphins’ encounters every other afternoon.
  • An optional ‘Serenity Bliss Ritual’, one week body care & treatments package.

The retreats are packaged and sold by 'Blue World', our Travel Agency Partner.








The benefits of the retreat  :


This retreat is a real gift for everyone who was born into less than blissful circumstances and now wants to change the way it is affecting them in the Present & better thrive in your life.

It is particularly helpful if you wish :


  • to consciously conceive, consciously live your pregnancy and have a conscious blissful birth,
  • overcome conception difficulties,
  • recover & free yourself & your baby after a traumatic birth,
  • better thrive in life in general by shifting all conscious & unconscious behavioral patterns rooted in their birth trauma.




The aim of 'Limbic Imprint re-Coding' :


Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova is one of the pioneers in the Birthing Field of Conscious Procreation, whom started both her work & researches in 1982, about ecstatic birth and correlation between birth trauma and the quality of our life.


‘Limbic Imprint Re-Coding’ retreats, are focused on the conscious creation of a new humanity – re-designing, re-navigating, clearing the pathways from the debris of the past trauma and out-dated behavioral patterns, so our true fundamental core experience of living in the body could be based on love, compassion and common sense. Whether we are wishing or trying to conceive, pregnant, birthing babies, becoming parents or willing to manifest any of your dream projects, including your own upgraded versions of yourselves, we must first create new reference points in your own nervous system in order for you to know what it really feels like - to love, to feel safe, be supported in this world.


Elena's work is designed as a very graceful shortcut to recovering of our deep sense of self and desire to fully manifest ourselves & our heart-based wishes.

Birthshops are for anyone who was born into less than blissful circumstances and now wants to change the way it is affecting them in the Present.

It is not only for women having difficulties to conceive or willing to consciously concieve & birth, or mum after a traumatic birth, but for everyone interested in shifting their behavioral patterns, rooted in their birth trauma.

Freeing yourself as parents or future parents from such imprints is of course a wonderful present both to yourselves as well as to your existing and coming baby, for each and all to better thrive in life, and a marvelous way to offer yourself the conscious gentle & blissful conception, pregnancy and birth you desire.



The Retreat - Workshop :


Twenty-five years of thorough research in the field of pre-natal psychology show a direct correlation between the way we were born and our subconscious behavioral and emotional patterns - defining the quality of our experience of being in the body throughout our entire life. We come into this world wide-open to receive love. When we receive it as our first primal experience, our nervous system is "limbically imprinted", programmed with the undeniable rightness of being. Being held in mother's loving arms, seeing the great joy in father's eyes, provides us with the natural sense of bliss and security; it sets the world as the right place for us to be in. But if our first impressions of being in our body are anything less than loving, then that "anything" imprints in our system as a valid experience of love!

It is immediately coded into our nervous system as a "comfort zone," acting as a surrogate for true love and nurturing, regardless how painful it actually was. Statistically, 95% of births in the USA are rated as "traumatic". As adults, we unconsciously re-create the conditions that were imprinted at birth.

But it turns out it's not very difficult to create a brand new Limbic Imprint. Instead of trying to fix the old "programming" (by re-living the initial shock of being born), it's most effective to just acquire a whole new vivid, rich, wonderful and sweet birth experience! Birthshop participants can have an actual in-the-body experience of being conceived, gestated and born in love and natural ecstasy. The Birthshop combines seminar/guided meditation/movement/breathing exercise/role-playing... and it's very entertaining!



Testimonials :


May and Ty, Pregnant Couple, Berkeley, CA:
"Hello family! This is May from the "Birth into Being" workshop in Berkeley in October 2006. I had my baby! And just wanted to share with everyone! I had an incredible, ecstatic, and blissful experience. It was definitely a beautiful blessing. My water broke around 8pm and he slipped right out at 8:58pm! It was very short, pain-free, and just simply one the most beautiful moments in my life. He was born in water, at home in our tub. I want to say thank you to everyone who was there with me at the workshop. I know that it was one of the biggest factors that helped me. Most of all, thank you, Elena!"

Ra-el Corsini, Owner and Artistic Director of The Flying Lotus Movement Center of Mt. Shasta, California, Midwife Assistant (and recovered C-section Mother)
"Elena’s “Birth into Being” workshop moved through every part of my life. It assisted my relationships on all levels. I am now able to recognize the behaviors that are directly linked to my daughter’s c-section birth trauma. Through gentle guidance by Elena, my husband and I have applied techniques that have served tremendously for family harmony. My business has been positively affected as well. By reprogramming my thoughts, and deeply imprinting my subconscious with rebirthing my own birth, I am able to succeed in ways I did not have the confidence to handle before. This workshop is for all, not just the expectant mother. The bonding and peeling away of self is crucial for humanity’s growth and potential. thank you !"









Harbour Island, Bahamas, An Exclusive Tropical Paradise







- Blessed with a perfect location, starting just 50 miles off the coast of Florida, and with a year-round warm climate averaging a little over 75 degrees, the Bahamas are an idyllic sub-tropical gateway.


-  Rated as one of the ‘Best Bahamas beaches’ by Frommers and the Travel Channel, Harbour Island is famous for its 3.5 miles of hard-packed picture-perfect pink sand beaches,with its outlaying reefs providing safe snorkeling & swimming.


-  Away from mass tourism, Harbour Island is an exclusive intimate location, comprising of private villas & small elegant boutique-hotels, with a plentiful choice of high quality international & local restaurants, marinas & watersports activity.


-  The little joyful town of Dunmore is a jewel of beauty and conviviality with its pastel colored houses, lush palm trees, flower-lined streets & friendly inhabitants.You will enjoy wandering around the island & the town on foot or on a golf cart.


-  Finally, Harbour Island is blessed by the presence of wild dolphins in its environs, they are often coming close to shore & that remain, as of today, one of the island’s best kept secret.









A beautiful beach side ‘Boutique-Hotel’:


'Pink Sands', the iconic luxury resort on exclusive Harbour Island, has long been known as a celebrity hideaway and honeymoon haven. This is a 20-acre Boutique Hotel set by the edge of the famous three-mile pink sands beach. Designed by Biba founder Barbara Hulanicki - Pink Sands comprises 25 pastel-colored cottages scattered throughout lush tropical grounds. For those desiring a sophisticated but relaxed beach holiday... Pink Sands Resort is the ideal Harbour Island getaway.


Complimentary Facilities & Services:                                     
  • Chaise lounges and towels at pool & beach

  • Free use kayaks and snorkel equipment

  • Free use of tennis courts and exercise studio

  • Free wifi          

Your Garden View Room:


  • California King Beds       

  • Central air-conditioning & Ceiling fan

  • Large closet

  • Mini Bar            

  • Private patio with teak furniture

  • Nightly turn-down service               

  • Cable TV with DVD player

  • Bose iPod docking station, with complimentary use of iPod loaded with Pink Sand's music library

  • Tassimo pod coffee maker

  • Full bathroom with luxury in-room products, hairdryers and bathrobe

  • Wireless Internet Access 

  • Duvets, bathrobes and accessories by Anichini LuxuryLinens





The Dolphins'encounters



You will enjoy a 2-hour Private Boat excursion every other day (3 in total) within the lagoon.

You will discover the local colorful coral reef spots, home of colorful fishes, turtles, rays & of the giant red sea stars as well as the other surrounding beautiful deserted islands’ beaches.

And when we encounter the island’s wild dolphins, whom very often come within the bay, you can enjoy a very intimate snorkel with them.

You will be guided so as to both enter int a respectful encounter so as for dolphins to feel secure & confident and for you to get the best of such a rare & moving experience.


Dolphins are wild & therefore can not guaranteed. Nevertheless as they reside around the island, your chances of swimming with them are great. All snorkeling gear and life jackets are provided on the boat.

The boat remains within the protected lagoon which offers both calm & crystalline turquoise waters for optimum comfort & visibility.







A Serenity Bliss

The ‘Serenity Bliss’ optional package offers you to benefit from a daily body relaxtion & care session every days for 6 days. The body care sessions are held by certified massage & body treatment professionals and the sessions can take place as you wish,  either in your hotel room or on the each. 


The weekly package is composed of :

-     One ‘1-hour full body massage’ on the day of your arrival so to release all tensions and any transport tiredness for a smooth & delightful holiday start.


-     And 5 additional ‘40-minutes relaxation & treatment-massage sessions,’ one per day over 5 days, composed of a 10 minutes Relaxation & breathing session to unite & calm your ‘body & mind’, followed by a 30 minutes massage or treatment of your choice among the following :



For Ladies:

  • Body Scrub (best early in the week)
  • Leg specific Swedish massage, stimulating a healthy circulation & easing the release of excess water in tissues
  • Back Deep Tissue massage to release tensions
  • Chest, Shoulders arms neck & head massage for better breathing & mental calmness
  • Foot massage for an entire body energy rebalancing
  • Deluxe Facial                         
  • Tummy gentle re-stimulation of deep muscles, chest Shoulders & arms Deep tissue tension release massage (ideal for Post Natal, not for pregnant ladies)

For Men :

  • Body scrub (best early in the week)
  • Back Deep Tissue massage to release tensions
  • Leg Swedish massage, stimulating a healthy circulation    
  • Tummy chest Shoulders & arms Deep tissue massage
  • Neck and head massage
  • Foot massage for an entire body energy rebalancing                                     
  • Deluxe Facial                                                                                                                                                                                             









The Weekly Program

Saturday :

Welcome & transfer upon your arrival on Harbour Island to your Hotel,

žInstallation at the Hotel,

žIf you chose the ‘Serenity Bliss Ritual’ package, a first full body 1-hour massage will be

scheduled on that day for a delightful holiday start.

Sunday :

žContinental breakfast at the Hotel

žYour 2 to 3 hours Prenatal Workshop & activities at the Hotel.

žLunch at the Hotel

žAfternoon: A 2-hour private boat snorkeling & dolphins excursion

'Serenity Bliss Ritual’ body care session (if option was chosen)

Monday :

Continental breakfast at the Hotel.

žYour 2 to 3 hours  Prenatal Workshop & activities at the Hotel

žLunch at the Hotel

žThe afternoon is free so can relax & enjoy the beach & the island, and then have your

dinner at the place of your choice.

žThe ‘Serenity Bliss Ritual’ body care session (if you chose this option)

Tuesday :

žContinental breakfast at the Hotel.

žYour 2 to 3 hours  Prenatal Workshop & activities at the Hotel.

žLunch at the Hotel.

žAfternoon: A 2-hour private boat snorkeling & dolphins excursion.

ž‘Serenity Bliss Ritual’ body care session (if option was chosen)

Wednesday :

žContinental breakfast at the Hotel.

žYour 2 to 3 hours  Prenatal Workshop & activities at the Hotel.

žLunch at the Hotel and then the afternoon is free.

ž'Serenity Bliss Ritual’ body care session (if option was chosen)

Thursday :

žContinental breakfast at the Hotel.

Your 2 to 3 hours  Prenatal Workshop & activities at the Hotel.

Lunch at the Hotel.

Afternoon: A 2-hour private boat snorkeling & dolphins excursion.

‘Serenity Bliss Ritual’ body care session (if option was chosen)

Friday :

žThis your last full day of Holiday on the island, so the whole day is free

 for you to make the most if it, the way you feel like.

ž Continental breakfast & Lunch at the Hotel

Saturday :

žContinental breakfast at the Hotel.

Room check out late morning.

Lunch at the Hotel.

žWe transfer you back from the Hotel to the dock at the time needed according

to your flight schedule.


 Please note that the activities’ schedule is given as a general indication. It may be adjusted onsite based on the number

of participants, the weather, sea conditions & Dolphin’s presence within the bay as needed to maximize your wellbeing

& the dolphins’ encounters.







The retreat Package Price & Conditions :




Dates :


Your onsite Retreat Package stay on Harbour Island is from Saturday to Saturday

Please note that retreats dates refer to your onsite stay on the island at the Hotel. You therefore need to add your travelling time to obtain your overall holiday duration, which will be in total an overall 8 or 9 days holiday, depending on your country of origin or travelling arrangements.



Package Content:


The Onsite Retreat Package includes 7 nights / 7 days as follow :

  •  Transfer from North Eleuthera Aiport to your Hotel upon your arrival on Saturday.
  • 7 Nights Boutique-Hotel accommodation (double room sharing) from Saturday evening to the next Saturday morning.
  • 7 Days half board with fine & healthy cuisine at your Boutique-Hotel: continental breakfast and lunch with non-alcoholic beverages included from Sunday to the next Saturday included.
  • The mornings 2-to-3 hours Prenatal workshop & activites at your Boutique Hotel.
  • Every other day of the week (3 afternoons in total), you will enjoy a 2-Hour private boat snorkeling excursions within the shallow crystalline lagoon to discover the colorful coral reefs, giant red sea stars, turtles & go encounter wild dolphins. Chances of swimming with them are great, nevertheless they are wild, so not garantied. Snorkeling gear & life jackets included.
  • Transfers from the Hotel to the marina & back for all boat excursions.
  • Transfer from the hotel back to the island dock on Saturday upon your departure.
  • The overall onsite stay coordination by Valérie VALTON, founder of Dolphinesse (French, English & Spanish spoken).
  • A protected Holiday package sold by Blue World, a licensed French Travel Agency.


The Retreat Package Excludes :

  • Transport from your country of origin to North Eleuthera Airport.
  • The transfer from the island dock to North Eleuthera Airport as you leave (15 minutes -10$ pp)
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa if needed
  • All Dinners
  • All other beverages not mentioned as included
  • All other local transports not mentioned as included
  • All personal expenses or any further activities not clearly mentioned as included.
  • All options



Package Prices

Adult Retreat Package (in a shared double room):                                                                                                               2800 € per person

  • Babies (under 2 years old - cribs & cots available):                                                                                                                                   Free
  • Children package (from 2 years old) - Additional cost per child in your                                                                                   820€ per child

         room for 7 nights, Breakfast & kid’s lunch included. Max 2 per room.



Suggested Options:


  • Serenity Bliss Ritual’ package’                                                                                                                                               540€ per person

(6 massages/treatment & relaxation sessions - 1 per day over 6 days)


  • Travel insurance : 
    • if participant is 12 years old & above                                                                                                                               54€ per person
    • if participant is < 12 years old                                                                                                                                         64€ per person

(Please see on the online reservation page the policy description)


  • Golf Cart rentals :

You can rent golf carts onsite. The best local prices are as follow as of January 2014

as an indication: classic 4-seaters Golf cart: 50$ per 24H or 300$/week.


  • Extensions :

Half board Hotel extension including the night, continental breakfast & set lunch with non-alcoholic beverages

-       Adult package extension in a shared double room, per night & per person                                                                                     210€

-       Child in your room, per child per night                                                                                                                                            98€


Simple Hotel Extension: Hotel night & continental breakfast

-       Price per night per room (1 or 2 person in the room)                                                                                                                      370€

-       Price per child per night                                                                                                                                                                   85€


Reservation :


  • Retreats reservation can be done online, via email or also via telephone with Blue World Travel Agency.


Terms & Conditions :


  • The retreat is open to everyone in a healthy physical & psychological condition.
  • Pregnant ladies are welcome except during the last 2 months before their due delivery date.
  • babies & children are also welcome.
  • A Travel Insurance is mandatory for all participants (either Blue world's one or any other of your choice)
  • Each retreats are confirmed with minimum of 9 participants. if not confirmed you may choose another one or get fully reimbursed.
  • Blue World – Blue Lagoon Travel Agency Bahamas full terms & conditions apply. They are available on Blue World online reservation website.







Contact us for :


- Any further information  
- VIP & custom demands


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