Mission, Objectives & Philosophy


Our Mission :

"To enhance how women, their partner & future baby experience pregnancy and birth"    



Our objectives :


  • To create an amazing Maternity Center providing the most conducive environment, state-of-the-art techniques and top specialists to facilitate a natural & gentle experience of Pregnancy & Birth.


  • An International Center of Excellence and Research dedicated to exploring, studying & experimenting ways of improving how women, their partners & newborn babies experience pregnancy & birth. And to actively share the findings in order to participate in inspiring the evolution of birth in western countries.


  • To support the local community by offering consults & human ressources support to the local governemental clinic.



Our philosophy :

Our utmost priorities are quality & safety. And we also aim to exemplify our values of 'solidarity', 'fairness'  & 'sustainable development'.

  • Customers : women, their partners and futur new-born babies, by offering them to live the best possible experience of pregnancy and birth, in a safe environement.


  • The team members : by a pleasant and human sized structure, balanced work load & the possibility to combine research and knowledge sharing with their daily activites.


  • The community's well being & economy          
    • By offering consults & support to the governemental local clinic, sharing knowledge & skills around 'birth' with local professionals & universities, and offering qualified work opportunities locally.
    • Fostering sustainable economic development for the island through a medical tourism project designed on a human scale and mindful of preserving the environment.


  • Nature : Preserving the island's coastline, sea waters and its dolphins as it is one of the last unspoiled bits of paradise on earth, by raising further awareness locally and among our clientele & acting in favor of protection along with the local community.


  • The Center: as its durability will be garantied by the satisfaction of all parties and the preservation of the coastline, its seawaters and the dolphins.


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