A Center of Excellence & Research


Dedicated to enhance how women, their partner and future baby experience pregnancy and birth.


An ideal place for research :


  • A strategic & attractive place, at the crossroads of Europe & America, facilitating an international collaboration between a wide palette of birth experts,
  • Adapted for sea-birth experiences thanks to the quality of its warm & unpolluted waters,
  • A peaceful & economically stable independent country welcoming foreign initiatives including medical tourism.


An international collaboration of birth professionals 

We are bringing together a wide range of international experts, top methods and techniques for a natural gentle pregnancy & birth experience, enabling us to create a shared & multidisciplinary approach to study & experiment ways to improve the experience of pregnancy & birth for women, their partners & new-borns.

The center will be composed of 2 teams :

  • A core team of locals & internationals working permanently or in rotation at the center so as to ensure a full team onsite including a team on hold on 24-hour basis,
  • And an additional team composed of professionals coming either on a rotating schedule or periodically to:
    • Back up all key positions & assist the core team,
    • Offer additional techniques or care around pregnancy, birth & babies,
    • Enable as many birth practitioners & specialists as possible from all around the world to observe and/or participate in the studies & experiments.
    • Offer specialty trainings to birth professionals: water birth, sea birth, gentle birth, holistic birth preparation, post natal holistic support & care etc.


Impacting the greatest number of people

Our aim is to encourage new approaches to Pregnancy and Birth in western countries, evolving toward the most natural, gentle & least painful experience for women, their partner & newborn.


We intend to share our findings through :

  • Involving the greatest possible number of western maternity ward units, whether public or private, in order for their staff to directly observe, experiment & participate in new approaches & studies on the evolution of Birth. A direct experience naturally creates the greatest impact of all.
  • Publishing our research & findings within the Health & Medical field on an international level, 
  • Creating visual & pedagogic communication support tools about our findings, recommendations & the outstanding methods (presentations, videos, etc.) in order to facilitate their dissemination among professionals & students,


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