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Our new Affiliate Program !


Thanks for your interest in our affiliate program.

We'd love to circulate wellness and wealth together!



Our program is super simple:

1. Just send an email via the contact page to let us know you are interested to join our affiliate program.


2. You will then receive an invitation to promote our retreats with both :

  • Your personalized affiliate program link, so, if they purchase any of our retreats, both you & us can track it easily on the interface and you'll automatically receive your 200$ to 300$ as set for each retreat (+ a virtual hug and high five :).
  • Our social media kit for the event to promote it easy (banners, emailing, full retreat descriptions etc) :-)



You may also just send us an email specifying you are referring clients to our retreats and shall any of them book one, we’ll send you the money in the same way. We ask every single person joining our retreats how they got to know us. It is thus simple for us to track and to set up an open win-win deal for all of us!


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