Investors & sponsors


Investors :

You are willing to invest in an innovative project within the industry of  'medical tourism of excellence & wellness' ? looking for a great financial yield while participating to the evolution of the western approach of Birth, as well as favoring a project embodying the values of sustainable development & fairness ?

Contact us,  we can welcome a few more investors.



Sponsors - Partners :


Your company sells goods or services associated with Pregnancy & Birth or medical equipments ?

  • You are interested to benefit from our exclusive - high end market positionning and from the heavy media impact that we are about to get thanks to the launch of 2 world-firsts (being the first medical tourism of excellence clinic around birth & thanks to our seabirth offer) ?
  • You wish to associate your brand and/or company image to ours for the world wide communication campaign planned for the launch  (TV, presse & internet) ?
  • you wish to offer your customers to win : ' the most unique experience of Birth' or a dream stay  « pregnancy and dolphins » ?

Your company target are Hospitals & private clinics ?

You can also associate your image or brand to ours & benefit from our positionnning as 'innovative & excellence'?



Media :

You wish to realise a documentary on a world first (sea birth & first medical tourism clinic for birth) ? or on pregnant ladies & wild dolphins, on natural birth etc. ?

contact us.



Donations & other support :

You, your association or foundation wishes to support us, with medical equipment, financial donations, human help, media etc, to contribute to :

  • Enhance the pregnancy & birth experience for women, their partner and futur new born,
  • Support the right and freedom of women to choose the way they give birth,
  • Bring a better access to gynecological care to young ladies and women within local populations.
  • The creation of a new company for her concept embodying 'solidarity', 'fairness'  & 'sustainable development'.
  • A better knowledge & protection of the Sea and wild cetaceans.

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