A Holistic Approach

A Holistic Gentle Birth preparation, Birth and post-Natal support


Giving birth is a truly unique experience, both extraordinary and sacred.

Be empowered to live a blissful childbirth, well prepared to enjoy a confident & conscious gentle natural birth, in a state of joy and plenitude.



A blissfull gentle birth :

We deeply believe that the best is to allow you to follow your own rythm and your baby's rythm,

You can choose the way you feel like giving birth among our wide choice of natural birthing methods & you may change your mind at any time,

as well as also choose the level of intimacy you wish,

Our medical team will be there forming a safe humain cocoon around you, remaining at all times attentive, flexible and available.




Holistic pre-natal preparation available :

The gentle birth and holistic approach aims at enabling your whole being to prepare & smoothly unify throughout your pregnancy.

Both 'A la carte' or 'full prgrams' for preparation are available.

Our preparation encompasses your nutrition, body, psychology & emotions, and your partner actively participates.

It is based on various gentle techniques from which we can tailor make a program according to each lady's specific needs :


  • Approaches & Activities :
    • Natal Hypnotherapy
    • Prenatal aquatic courses
    • Prenatal yoga
    • Sophrology
    • Meditation
    • Breathing techniques
    • Rrelaxation,
    • Craniosacral therapy,

  • Counselling & Workshops on :
    • Nutrition
    • Postures
    • Self, couple nd baby massages, 
    • The partner supportive role
    • Labour & birth choices,
    • Psychological & emotional pregnancy & birth preparation,
    • Parenting
    • The couple's balance around baby,
    • Lactation
    • Naturopathy


  • Options  : Specific pre-natal Therapeutic body treatments & massages programs




Comprehensive post-natal support & care available :

Post natal 'A la carte' or full program support are available :

  • woman's gentle body recovery programs,  

  • emotional monitoring & support,

  • and help to you and your partner, for baby care, lactation,  parenting and balance so that for each of you can then go home feeling rested and confident.

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