A focus on Water & Sea Birth

Waterbirth, multiple benefits


Water has a natural relaxing effect, and it reduces pain thanks to anti-spasmodic properties


It also enables muscles to relax & loosen and stimulates the dilatation of the cervix


The mother's breathing capacity is enhanced, offering a greater well being both for her and the baby


During waterbirth, the risk that soft tissues are torn are much lowered and as a result the need of episiotomies fewer


C-sections and other interventions (forceps, suction etc) are also much less frequent

The mother's recovery after birth is thus much faster, And for the new-born baby


The process is much less brutal as he remains in an aquatic universe similar to his mother's womb.




Birthing in the Sea

Sea water is undoubtedly the best water to give birth in as it has the same caracteristics as the amniotic liquid


Pressure being thus the same on the inner and outer side of the tummy, contractions are lessened at the maximum


It is also, and most importantly a natural environment with great bioenergetic & mineral virtues, very vivifying and tonifying, with no equivalent




Birthing in the sea with dolphins

Encountering and swimming with the lagoon's free resident dolphins before birth are unforgettable moments, participating to your preparation. However, the dolphins being free and respected as such, no one can predict whether they will come or not at the very specific moment of birth.

This is a mystery that will only reveal itself on the moment..

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