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Dolphinesse is a unique fully Private Maternity Center both exclusive & intimate.

The center welcomes you in a personalised way & in an elegant 'homey' feeling whilst enjoying top modern high quality medical installations as well as an international multi-languages medical team of birth specialists.

We also highly respect women's freedom of choice and offer a one-to-one holistic approach so as to enable women to give birth according to their choice, usually in a conscious & confident gentle natural way, with the highest in healthcare quality and safety.



The Maternity Center Medical Team :


  • Midwives - on hold on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week,
  • Obstetrician-gynecologist Consultants, present at every delivery - one also being on hold on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week, 
  • Consultant anesthetists, solely dedicated to our Maternity Center and present at every delivery, one also on hold on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week,
  • Consultant pediatricians specialised in maternity-neonatalogy, present at every delivery, one also on hold on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week,
  • A lab technician on hold on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week, and onsite for every delivery too.



Your Medical Care for an onsite birth :


Dolphinesse aims at offering the softest and most gentle birth approach & care to couples :


  • At your arrival, you will meet each member of the medical team that will accompany you up until your birth and beyond. Our aim is to provide you with a personalised & continuous team as much as possible. And to allow you plenty of time to know them better & build a relationship of confidence.
  • Your medical team willl be composed of a midwife, a consultant obstetrician, a consultant anesthetist and a consultant pediatrician
  • You will also have a consult with each of them upon arrival and all necessary tests, scans or ultrasounds will be performed as required
  • Your dedicated midwife will visit you regularly within a holistic approach to ensure your pregnancy continues well both psycholigically, emotionally, physically and medically
  • The rest of the medical team will closely follow your evolution with the midwife and is available for you
  • This same team will be present in full at the Maternity Center for your delivery with additional lab technician staff 
  • The team will be available, attentive as well as discrete when not necessary and will support you according to your choice of birthing method, and all the same if on the moment you change your mind, the team is there and fully available for you
  • You will remain within the same confortable homey feeling room both during your labour and delivery
  • And the full team being onsite, any medical support (epidural etc) or intervention needed (C-section etc) can thus be peformed immediatly & smoothly either within the birthing room or in the adjacent obstetrical operating theater as needed
  • Accompanying person(s) of your choice are welcome both during labour and birth, it is all up to you,
  • Right after birth, your medical team will automatically hand over to you your new born baby for his greater well-being and yours (except if any emergency),
  • A full baby check prior to discharge by a consultant pediatrician will be performed
  • You will stay a minimum of 12 hours at the Maternity Center after the birth or as long as medically required as assessed by the medical team
  • You can again choose to have your family with you, and may rest within the homey decor of the birthing room and/or of the adjacent rest/recovery bedroom, as well as walk or rest ouside in the garden or on the dock, you are free to do as you like, the center is all yours,
  • The midwife stays with you for advice, help and support with lactation and newborn care, also taking care of your baby while you sleep or rest,
  • Once you return to your accomodation, your midwife will come and visit you everyday within that same holistic approach to continue advise & help yo with the baby on lataction, care, bonding of both parents, as well as to ensure your well-being both emotionnaly & physically.
  • The consultant pediatrician remains on call on a 24-Hour basis for any potential need or emergency
  • Additional optional services are available shall you wish for the rest of your stay an overnight midwife or nanny, our deep rest & fast gentle body recovery program etc.



Finally we can also offer further services (optional) :


  • 'A la carte' prenatal preparation classes or care for you finalise your preparation onsite
  • A full Holistic Prenatal Preparation Program
  • A full Hoslistic Post-natal & body Recovery Program
  • A full Spa care program both pre and post-natal
  • Additional post natal services are also available : private nursing nurse, nannies, overnight midwife etc.
  • For any custom demands : please ask us.




General Notes :


We welcome for onsite birth all pregnant ladies in good health with no anticipated or declared complications, with their partner and/or all other persons of their choice (children welcome).

Our stays do not include : international & local transports, accomodation & meals during your overall 5 to 6 weeks stay on the island. The island enjoys an excellent choice of small Boutique-Hotel Resorts & property rentals, all being less than 5 minutes drive to the Maternity Center. Golf carts rental is highly recommended as it is the ideal way to wander around the island. Please contact us for further informations on how to organise your stay.




Contact us for :

- Any further information   
- Conditions & tariffs   
- Pre-registration informations   
- VIP & custom demands


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