Swimming with the dolphins


The resident dolphins regularly come within the island protected lagoon, and sometimes right in front or very close to Dolphinesse Maternity Center.


You can then go and swim with them directly from the shore.

These dolphins being wild and free, our team will guide you for a respectful encounter and to establish a bond of trust & confidence so as for you to live the full magic & profoundness of these moments.


Dolphins are often irresistibly attracted to pregnant women and young children, displaying a very special attention and interest. Thanks to their echolocation system, they clealry perceive your pregnancy & the baby.
Many women have witnessed and lived such incredible encounters, each always unique and amazing, may it be due to the dolphins's special attitude towards them or due to their baby's astonishing reaction in the presence of the dolphins..



A taste of the magic :


A pregnant lady encountering
a dolphin

Dolphins detect her pregnancy

(in Australia)

Waterbirth with dolphins

(extract from a movie, not from our center)

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