Learn to read & understand Sea Mammals'behaviors

 Optional Training:

6 - 13 June 
  "Learn to read & understand Sea Mammals'behaviors
 to better approach & interact with them"
Valérie Valton & Pierre Robert de Latour

Respecting wildlife means to never force an encounter upon animals but to live it up to them to decide whether  they wish to encounter us or not.

But how do you know ? And how do you propose an encounter to them without being a nuisance for them ? How to read their response ?And if they agree, how can we approach wether the boat and at sea so that we do not scare them off but rather display respect and what will be considered for them as good maners for them to be willing to come and hang around with us ? One together, what can i do and not do ? what do their behaviors' mean is also very important to maitain a mutual understanding.

Based on an ethologial approach, Pierre & Valérie will teach you the major ethological concepts and others so, and will share their large experience of wild mammals intercations at sea as for you to become autonomous and to be able to encounter and bound with these incredible giants, properly understanding each other, with respect and trust.

Pierre Robert de Latour is an international Orca Specialist with over 6000 Orca swims/freedive sessions. She has published a book to share his passion and the last 20 years of incredible experiences he lived with orcas in Norway.
 More infos about Pierre :www.useadiving.com

Valérie VALTON is a wild sea mammals ineraction specialist, gratuated in Ethology & Human-Animal Mediation. Passionned about Human-Sea Mammals relationships, she has traveled all around the world for the last 10 years to better understand how far can we go in terms of interaction,  mutual understanding and communication with many various species.
She is also strongly involved in sea mammal preservation she designs 'Ecotouristic management plan" for protected marine areas so as to both support and push local authorities to better protect such species and their ecosystems from uncontrolled mass tourism.
More infos about Valérie VALTON